EHDC to join five Councils

Over the last couple of weeks the Leaders of Havant Borough Council and East Hampshire District Council have discussed the existing cost sharing arrangements we have and the way these could develop in the future.
They have also talked about how sharing might be affected by Havant’s planned entry into the “Five Councils” procurement.
As a result, in a formal meeting this week, East Hampshire’s Cabinet agreed to bring the currently shared back office services under the umbrella of the Five Councils procurement. This proposal was presented to the Five Councils’ Board meeting where it was agreed by all the partners.
This means that IT, finance, payroll, procurement and HR for East Hampshire District Council will be added into the Five Councils procurement.
Staff who are directly affected by this have had face-to-face briefings with their managers.
Cllr Cowper (The Leader of EHDC) said: “As well as our innovative income generation strategy, we have always stated that we are also interested in significant cost reductions that do not harm the delivery of front line services. This initiative is therefore on strategy. I’m also very pleased that it reinforces our partnership with Havant Borough Council.”