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Neighbourhood Plans  are a whole new approach to planning, which recognises that the best people to say where future housing, business and community-related developments should go are the people who live, work, shop and go to school here.  That’s you.

The Petersfield’s Neighbourhood Plan covers all aspects of development in our town. It’s our chance to come together as a community and decide what kind of town we want Petersfield to be in the next five, 10, 20 years, and beyond.

The Plan, which you’ll be able to vote on in a referendum, will set out the types of development we think the town needs, what we’d be prepared to see built, and which sites we feel would be most appropriate.

The more individuals and sectors of the community who contribute, the better our plan will be for everyone. So, take a look around the site, see the kinds of ideas and information we need, and then let the Neighbourhood Plan Group know your thoughts. Your contribution really is vital.

Latest News:

Following a year of asking you to help shape the future of Petersfield; the Group will be offering a preview of the final plan at the Festival Hall on the 9th May (3pm until 8.30pm) and 10th May (10am until 4.00pm ).

Come along and Join In!

2 thoughts on “Petersfield Neighbourhood Plan”

  1. The preview of the Neighbourhood Plan was, as far as I could tell, very well attended and the Group deserves very great credit for the considerable amount of work done to get the Plan where it is and for staging the public consultation.

    1. The Neighbourhood Plan Group continued its impressive and determined efforts to consult with the residents of Petersfield at The Big Plan exhibition at the Festival Hall on 9th and 10th of May 2014 which was very well attended and I’m certain that the Group are now working hard to analyse and consider the feedback obtained. Comprehensive plans were shared regarding how best to site the necessary 700 houses over the next 15 years. Housing was not the only issue under discussion and the other topics were: The built environment; getting around; community; natural environment; business; retail; tourism.

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