Community Safety Alliance – Meeting 16 Jan 2017

I attended a meeting of the Community Safety Alliance at the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner, Michael Lane.

The Commissioner introduced the Police & Crime Plan 2016-2021 and answered questions. During his public consultation he heard from us that:

  1. Public Safety matters to everyone – You want to be safe and feel safe.
  2. You value and want visible local policing – Protecting local and neighbourhood policing is one of my highest priorities.
  3. You want less crime and offending – Prevention and protection matters to you, as well as pursuing and prosecuting.
  4. You want those who serve and support you to work together – You want your Police and Crime Commissioner to be influential in ensuring your public services work together to deliver better overall outcomes for you, your family and community.
  5. Many of your concerns are not about policing – You want your Police Commissioner to help make a difference to these wider concerns.

All of these issues are acknowledged by the priorities within this strategic plan. In particular, these are examples of what will be included, in detail, in the supporting Delivery Plan.



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