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Residents and businesses of East Hampshire and visitors to the area will soon be able to identify the work of East Hampshire District Council more easily with the introduction of a new logo.
The meeting of the full Council on Thursday 10 April is expected to give final approval of the logo plans and the roll-out will begin straight away.
In order to avoid the unnecessary cost of replacing perfectly good printed materials and signage, the new logo will be added when replacements are required or new items are produced.
This will mean that for a time the new and the old logo will be in circulation around the district, but it is expected that due to the established recognition of the old logo and the clarity of the new logo, there will be continuity between the two.
Leader of East Hampshire District Council, Councillor Ferris Cowper, said: “The old EHDC logo was introduced in 1989. Over the years, the logo has been adapted for a number of uses, but in an age of websites and social media, what we need is a clear, simple identity for the council.”
The old logo never said clearly that it was for East Hampshire District Council. With the replacement of the logo, the innovative work of the council will be more easily recognised within and outside the district.”



2 thoughts on “New Logo”

  1. Personally I believe there are fair more important issues to content with rather than changing EHDC emblem……How much is it going to cost ??? Most signs will have to be replaced and much of the existing stationery destroyed. Thought we were trying to economize not waste our council tax.

    1. There are indeed more important issues which are being faced on a regular basis.The new logo is being introduced gradually which makes good business sense not least because the cost of its introduction is low. It was designed in-house. There is at least one other Council called “EHDC”.

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