Bus and Community Transport


Consultation on Services
Hampshire County Council is undertaking a county wide review of subsidised bus and community transport services together with a review of the discretionary elements of the Hampshire Concessionary Travel Scheme.
Savings of around £1.25-£1.5 million need to be identified as part of Hampshire County Council’s budget to support Passenger Transport services.
A number of options are being considered as part of the review:
• Reducing or ceasing support for Sunday services
• Reducing or ceasing support for evening services after 7pm
• Ceasing the 9am early start for the older persons bus pass
• Reducing the frequency and/or days of service
• Replacing bus services with taxishares or community transport services
• Reducing the amount of printed publicity with a greater use of electronic information
A consultation period on this will run until 31st May 2014.
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